Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I attended a networking event in Old Town Alexandria in a restaurant called “Virtue Feed & Grain”. This event was hosted by the Association of Wedding Professionals. Anyways, let me tell you that it was spectacular. I love going to these sort of events to meet new people in the industry and learn about their experiences. This was my first event with them and I would totally go again in the future. It is also a good opportunity to learn of new venues in the area.

Well, this post is about the venue. A couple of months ago, someone told me about the restaurant “Virtue Feed & Grain” when I was planning a cocktail party for a fraternity. I never got the opportunity to go take a look since it was not in the area the students wanted to have their formal. So, this was my first time there.

The restaurant is actually really nice and cozy! They have two floors and the second floor is very spacious to host any type of event. The style has a look of a “modern American tavern” as they describe it on their website, with wooden tables, amazing lighting, lounging areas, and the staff was outstanding! A little bit of history just because it is always interesting! The building was actually a feed house in the 1800s and they renovated the structure with recycled materials from other structures not being used anymore. They tried to keep a lot of the original structure when renovating it. I always think it is amazing when restaurants try to incorporate originals parts of a building and add a modern twist. It really gives places a personality. You can actually find the entire story on their website. It is very interesting! I also want to point out that everyone was very nice, and the manager came to introduce herself and asked if everything was fine. Also, the food was amazing! Everything tasted very fresh and it was made well.

The restaurant is located in Old Town, Alexandria. For those of you who have never been there, Old Town is an amazing and cute little town. There are tons of shops, cafes, and restaurants to choose from. It is ideal to enjoy the nice weather and walk around. I actually love going there when the weather is nice.

Anyways, so below is the link to the restaurant if you want to check it out!