Hi everyone!

I’m going to start this article with my early New Year’s Resolution, which is being more proactive on my blog! This is my first blog and so I’m trying to get used to it and honestly with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat how can I not forget! But no worries, I’ll be much better this time.

The purpose of this blog it’s not just posting about any topic. This blog is very much more specific to events and also sustainable events. That includes, everything from flowers, food, decor and everything you could think of that you would need at an event. Lastly, I also want to share cool vendors I’ve met along the way!

Today, Sunday 24, 2017, I attended my 3rd wedding show of the year. And yes, you’ve read that right…3rd wedding show. I do love my job, but wedding shows can get very repetitive and tiring. The cool thing about them though is that if you are new to an area, it’s a great way to meet new vendors and put yourself out there and network while getting new leads. In my case, since I moved to GA earlier this year, attending wedding shows has really helped me find vendors to add to my preferred vendor list at work for weddings and any other type of event.

The Alpharetta wedding show took place at The Metropolitan Club. I’ll start by saying that this venue is not a country club as I had thought. It is just a venue, but its name makes you think it’s some sort of club. It is very spacious, so it’s perfect for those big weddings of more than 150 people. I would say even bigger.

Now onto the fun part. I met a vendor that bakes the cutest pies ever–Southern Baked Pie Company. This company was started by University of Georgia graduate in 2012 and today, the bakery has locations in Gainesville, Alpharetta and Buckhead, and they also have an online store, southernbakedpie.com. The amazing thing about this bakery is that they only use seasonal fresh fruit from local GA farmers and businesses!

So, while I was introducing myself, I saw a cute little pie wrapped nicely and perfectly sized to share. I immediately thought that it would be perfect to give to the bride and groom at the end of the night to share once they get back to their hotel or home after their wedding. As we all know (or may not), many couples don’t even get to try much of their food because family is coming and going congratulating them and the picture session, let me tell you, it can either be very long or stressful depending on how the bride and groom take it. So, long story short, at the end of their perfect wedding day, they might still be hungry and honestly, who doesn’t love a sweet late night snack after a long and most amazing day of your life?

Well, here are some pictures of these pies. I also heard they are amazing!

These are the bite size pies

Southern Baked co

And these are the ones nicely wrapped ready for a gift!

Cute little pies Southern Baked Pie Co

I hope you enjoyed it!