Hi everyone!

I love the fall and the month of October because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t usually dress up, but I love everything from the imagination people have with their costumes, the spooky decor, the movies, and the pumpkin scent in everything! This year, I was once again a witch…

We hosted a Halloween party at the club this past weekend for both the parents and the kids and it was a huge success, I would say. I started planning this event about two months out. We had decor all around the club. We had spider webs with tiny spiders on the chandeliers, on the corner of some doors, and we also did a candy station for the kids. We had games set up around the banquet room and played a kids Halloween movie, which they loved by the way, especially the older kids. The only thing that was missing was the spooky golf cart ride around the 4 mi. long golf course. Now, that would have been awesome!

For the food and drinks menu we got inspired by the fall ingredients and had from Butternut Squash Soup (which was vegan and awesome btw!) to Smoked Salmon. We also had some signature drinks perfect for the day such as Bloody Mary and Pecan , Maple, and Peach Whiskey on the rocks.

As people were coming in, I went around the club greeting the parents and kids. I was also offering what we had on our special menu and honestly, I felt like it was wrong to offer alcohol at 3 pm, but the funny thing was that one of the mom’s who came, when I told her about the menu and the cocktail specials we had, and I may have mentioned that I understood that it might be too early for some parents to drink, she literally looked at me, smiled and said “we have kids, of course we need the cocktails!”. That sentence right there pretty much made my day and realized that most of these parents were pretty laid back and that they were up for anything with kids or not. Some of them even came wearing costumes, which I thought it was amazing.

Now, I know to always have alcohol, just in case, no matter the event! Something to really think about when planning your next event!

With love,