Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’ve been away for a little while BUT I’m back to share some tips and my personal stories about this crazy and never-the-same career that I’ve chosen for myself called Event Planning. I’ve learned so much in the couple of years that I started, and I realized that I’m doing pretty well for myself. Now, I’m not entirely talking about money or position, but experimenting and not being afraid to make a change to really figure out what attracts and excites me the most.

This topic brings me to another point of being afraid of rejection. I know we all think about it and it has even stopped us from doing or even achieving something. Since I’m trying something new now (which I will share with you in a few weeks), I researched this topic and it made me ask myself why are we afraid of rejection? I mean, it’s inevitable sometimes, but we should be able to stop and think and act and not let it control us. Well, I’ll leave you with that thought and hopefully you start thinking about it to help you take action in your life to do the things that you are afraid of.

with love,