If you follow me, you would know that on Labor Day weekend I went on a road trip with my dad! Yes, we have the same adventurous spirit and we have been wanting to go for a while, so we made the smart decision to pack and go. I tried having a plan and made a list of the must see places, but my dad shot down my planning and said to just go with it and see where we end up. So, that is what we did!

One of those great places that we ended up at was Casa Loma which translates to Hill House. This beautiful mansion was built in 1914 by financier Sir Henry Pellat. It took him 3 years and 3.5 M to build it inspired by the castles in Europe. This mansion held many lavish events from intimate to grandiose celebrations. Just imagine what a wedding would look like here! That is what I was thinking of as I was walking through the beautiful library and grand ball. Unfortunately, the expenses of the mansion were more than he could afford and WWI did not help either when he thought that people would start building their homes around Casa Loma and instead well-to-do Torontonians bought war bonds.

Such a tragic story because Casa Loma is gorgeous! We walked through secret passageways, a secret garden, and beautiful rooms.

At one point after Sir Henry Pellat left the mansion 10 years after it was built, the mansion was turned into a hotel. Now, the home is owned by the city of Toronto where they offer tours and where you can have your own fairy tale wedding!

Here is the link to Casa Loma https://casaloma.ca/weddings-socialevents/

Destination weddings are great! And Toronto is so close to us folks in the East Coast. You will definitely have plenty to do before and after the wedding.