Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!

I’ve been reflecting the past few days about all the changes that are happening around us: the pandemic, professional and personal life and social movements. So much has been happening in such a short few months and all I can think about is that we are strong people. We are strong because we are brave and resilient. So many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. So many lives were lost due to injustice. But we don’t stop, we keep going because we have a drive, a drive to do better and be better. A drive to help people who need it the most. That is what makes us human.

This post is more of a reflection and thoughts looking back to everything that has happened. Who knows how it will be in the next few months. Everything is very uncertain still.

A few things that have helped me stay positive during this time is being around my family, being grateful for what I already have rather than thinking of what I’m missing in my life, constantly pushing myself to have more positive thoughts than negative ones. I know it’s hard, specially if you are in a bad phase right now, but what I know to be true and I hope you do too is that from our struggles we grow and learn to be stronger. Once you hit rock bottom, there is only one way and that is up. If you keep a positive mind, wish to be better and then act on it that is when great things happen. I hope you believe in yourself. I know it’s challenging sometimes, but I read a passage on a book that basically says we have to be disciplined. The more you practice, even if you struggle, to have positive thoughts, the easier it will become later.

I have my bad days too and probably more often than I would like to admit to myself. I had a bad day on Monday and the whole day was just gray, but what I kept thinking was that the feeling was normal and it was temporary and allowed myself to just grief and feel all the things I needed to feel to let go.

I hope you remember to always love yourself and have faith that life will get better.

With love,