I feel like throughout my life, I’ve always gone through changes, sometimes major changes, and it’s like I seek them out. The more I reflect on it, I notice that changes give me energy. I don’t know why they give me energy. Sometimes the changes that come my way are challenges, but the way I decided to look out into the world is that when a change happens, an opportunity comes. I welcome all of it with open arms and I surrender to it. In fact, sometimes I get excited. Excited for the new things that I can do.

Yes, it’s hard sometimes when it’s a challenge and I go through my stages of panic, anxiety or depression and I may feel that way throughout the process but what I know to be true is that I welcome it and I feel all the feelings and look forward.

I’ve never been too religious or spiritual, but in the past few years since becoming vegan, I started being so thankful for many things like my life, animals, nature, opportunities and experiences. It’s hard for me to keep on track doing one thing, so I read from different authors and never really follow or believe in one path, but lately, I noticed that all seems to point at the same thing just communicated in different words.

I just finished a free training by Gabby Bernstein recently. I first learned about her in an episode of Jay Shetty’s podcast and I decided to buy one of her books because she really inspired me and I connected with her message.

At the training, she gave us an exercise to help gain confidence and understanding your purpose. One of the things she mentioned that I had never thought about before was that we don’t have to go out and chase our purpose, it’s already within us, we just have to understand it.

As I was listening to the training and Gabby was talking about purpose, it gave me chills to know that I have found my purpose. In fact, I found it years ago when I started in my career in the event industry. It really gives me satisfaction and happiness to do what I do in a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t like certain things about my jobs, but it does give me confidence and happiness.

Another thing to note that I want to share is that sometimes we feel scared to take a leap into our purpose. For example, for me, I am scared of failure or saying something and then changing my mind later realizing it wasn’t for me, but what I realized and my experience in this industry is that I’ve held different positions and I enjoyed every one of them and just because I seek something different and improve and move to something else, doesn’t mean that I don’t know my purpose.

I’m living my purpose right now and just because it’s changing in some ways based on my title or area of work, it doesn’t mean I don’t know it.

Gabby Bernstein is so spot on with her message that I highly recommend everyone to check her out. To some it may seem that her information is vague because we are not familiar with it, but I swear that once you let your walls down and with no judgement, you will earn so much!

Now, I would love to share my story which is the exercise Gabby tasked us to do after watching the her training. I mentioned parts of it sometimes in my blog or social media. Maybe you know me personally and so I’ve talked to you about it before. I love sharing inspiration and confidence as I work through it myself. Sometimes when you try to explain it to someone, you may understand it better yourself when you speak your truth out loud.

Stay tune for my story!

With love,