Hi everyone! I watched a video the other day that made me think about me and what I think about myself in a professional level. I think this is a hard topic to talk about or to even recognize ourselves because if we think about it, then it feels like it’s too real. The thing is, when we recognize and put a label on what we feel, then we can fix it.

In my personal story, I’ve always felt shy and less than because I lacked confidence in myself and was scared to stick out anywhere I didn’t feel comfortable in and saw other people not in their comfort zones, but somehow they managed to look confident anyways. With time, I realized that it was all in my mentality and my pre-conceived notions of myself by other people. That’s just crazy! I wrote a post about networking a few years back and I’m thinking of that time when I started networking when I first started in the event industry. It was hard! People would ask me what I did and just mentioning that I worked in a law office not doing events, turned people away from me and they just quit asking me questions. It really felt intimidating and I just couldn’t understand what I had to do to show people that I was worth networking with and that I had the drive and was building my skills for it. Long story short, I decided to do something about it and instead of walking away (as I usually do when something doesn’t work out for me in the first try), I decided to stick with it and continued to go, but with the big difference that I was gaining valuable experience volunteering and also having a part-time job on the top of my full-time job. I wanted to show people that I could do it and I was smart. I took the initiative to change my story. Then, people started to listen to me.

Today, in the video I watched, it was mentioned that our story is always worth sharing. My story is worth sharing. Your story is worth sharing. No matter how little or insignificant you think your story is be sure that it will help someone else somehow. This is why I started this blog. It was really difficult to be raw and vulnerable sharing all my thoughts and my process, but I felt it could help someone else.

Moral of the story: be confident in the content you are sharing. be confident about yourself. be confident in the experiences that have made you. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. The only thing that matters is that you believe in yourself and that alone will give you confidence that you have something important and worth sharing.

Hope you are having a great 100th week of the global pandemic! I know it seems like it’s never ending, but wow I’m sure we have all learned something.

With love,