Hello! Happy Tuesday!

Where are you in the world? I’ve noticed a lot of my readers are from the other side of the world from different countries and it’s just amazing to know that they keep coming back to read every month.

Also, BIG news…I’ve got my vaccine already. I’m lucky to have been able to get it and I hope everyone considers it.

I’ve sort of been feeling like I’m all over the place lately. I’ve been trying to be more conscious about who I’m spending my time with and really analyzing my energy around each of the people or groups I’m hanging out with. It’s not like I hangout with someone and I’m processing this info right away in my head, but it’s good to check in afterwards and see how you feel every once in a while.

It’s takes time to realize that you no longer need to spend that much time with someone or doing something that doesn’t bring you pleasure and happiness anymore even if it did at one point, or may be you just need a break and THAT IS OKAY.

In fact, I went to a paint class with a friend recently and I remember that I used to like painting. At one point, I had paints and brushes, canvases, etc. and I would paint once in a while (just putting it out there…I’m not good or anything haha). That is when I noticed that I don’t have a lot of patience and I would do the whole painting that same day I started it because I just wanted to finish it, but would hate to leave it midway and I knew I wasn’t going to come back to it later. That sort of translates to my life–not having a lot of patience which I think it’s okay but not okay sometimes. It depends on the circumstances.

Another thing I noticed with the paint class is that I enjoyed being present doing something. That’s the thing, it’s hard to be present. You can’t paint and not be present because then you will mess everything up, so you are pushed to be present. You can’t think of anything else and you can’t multitask. Something you can do is to be present. Think of the colors you are mixing, the lines your are drawing, the image you are putting on the canvas. I can’t say I feel a lot more relaxed necessarily because I feel like this is when my perfectionism comes to life more, but I still enjoy it. This is something that I could explore more on why I feel this way or a way to not be a perfectionist.

And that brings me to this question for you: What’s something that really makes you feel more present? Drawing? Singing? Dancing? Reading? Walking? When can you stop thinking about other things but what you are doing right then, in the moment? Does something similar to my experience happens to you?

Would love to know what you do?! Share it in the comments!

With love,