This morning, I read this article published by Event Industry News and as I was reading it, I keep thinking, that is me…I need to change! This article was eye opening for me because much of the study that was done is so true. According to the study done by Eventsforce, it shows that 47% of event planners lack the skills to make informed decisions about tech investments. I know…shocking!

As we know, technology keeps changing and all I think is how are we going to keep up with it? I mean, we already have so much to think about and organize for an event, imagine learning about tech and how to actually use it? That just sounds crazy talk to me, but it’s necessary.

Eventsforce’s study also mentions that they see a new role deriving from this lack of knowledge and also lack of time for event planners to learn and keep up with event technology. Do you imagine a new role forming just for event technology? I mean, in my opinion, we have our tech department to do that or we hire a supplier to tackle that. I don’t see the need for a new role to fill that gap, as of now at least.

Well, what I got from this study is that I need to keep up with technology even though I’m not tech savvy, but for how much longer can I ignore it?

What are you thoughts about this study and event technology? Do we really need someone to fill that gap or do you think we should leave it up to our professional suppliers? Or even better, do you think you need to step up with the ever-changing trends in event tech?

I’m interested in your thoughts! The link to the article is below if you are interested on reading the full article.