This post is dedicated to house-warming parties. Honestly, I think these parties are fantastic. These are social gatherings to celebrate the beginning of a new start, at a new place; to show off your space and the decor in it; and to spend time with the important people in your life who are worthy of inviting. Yes, I said worthy.  For this party to be a good and enjoyable one,  you have to plan it well, which means you will be spending a good amount of time planning it, depending on how many guests you invite, so you have to make sure you invite your closest family and friends to make it memorable.

Now let’s look at the food and drinks part: I think these are one of the most important things about a good party. The drinks keep the guests happy and the food keeps them busy, but let’s not forget about the guest list!

Well, let me start with my experience planning my own first house-warming party. My husband and I moved into our new place a few months ago, and I was super excited about planning our first party. We moved in September and I needed some time to decorate the apartment, so I thought that we could have a Halloween themed party. Well, let me tell you that a lot of planning went into it with buying the furniture first and then planning the party itself. I research good finger food recipes and I got Halloween decor such as spider webs and spiders, little pumpkins to put on the center table, etc. I think keeping the decor light is a good idea since you are trying to show off your place. I also got a costume, but I do have to confess that I did not put too much thought into it–I just knew that I wanted to be a witch. I also told the guests that a costume was required to be able to come.  Anyways, so everything seemed like it was ready, the apartment was decorated and most of the food was ready and my husband had gotten a few drink options. NOW, this is what I did not take into consideration: the GUEST LIST. Guess what? When you invite less than 15 people to a house party, you have got to make sure that they will click or somehow that they are from the same group of friends. This was my mistake. I invited some friends from work, some of my husband’s and my common friends, and I invited a friend whom nobody knew. Do not ever do that! Let’s just say that they did not click and some people did not show up. The party that was supposed to be fun, full of jokes, and pictures of our Halloween costumes was not what I had planned.

Now you know! As planner, you have to think about everything, even the music that is going to be playing, the guest list, the food, the decor, the space for the amount of people that are attending, EVERYTHING.

Now, I also want to point out guest etiquette. As a planner, you go through all the work to try to make a fabulous party. You try to think about everything, calculate the people attending, etc. to figure out the budget and what you need, and guess what…the guests who said that would come, do not. Well, that is a bummer! Now, all the work and the money spent, is lost. As a guest, please try your best to come if you said you would. That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time!

With love,